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We're devoted to conservation of biological diversity and sustainable development in Bangladesh

Prokriti O Jibon Foundation (Nature and Life Foundation) is an organization devoted to conservation of biological diversity and sustainable development in Bangladesh. The foundation established in December, 2009. The policy, goal, objectives and activities of the foundation are circled around the vision and mission of UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) of Bangladesh. With many other proceedings one of the prime activities of the foundation is to produce and telecast Prokriti O Jibon Television Series in the popular satellite television channel. The program aiming to build mass awareness on richness of biodiversity in Bangladesh, People’s dependency on natural and biological resources and the urgent needs for conservation of the biological resources for sound environment and ecosystems that give the key basis for human society, economy and development.

Bangladesh is a party of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and is committed to conserve the biological diversity of the country and ensure equitable share of the benefits arising as a result of conservation and sustainable uses of the biological resources. The Government of Bangladesh has also developed National Conservation Strategy (NCS) and National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan (NBSAP) to protect and conserve ecosystems and critical habitats of the flora and fauna.

However, in practice there is some lack of action on the ground for conservation. Additionally, because of man-made causes and climate change, the natural resources of this country are shrinking day by day in an alarming way. Environmentally we are more vulnerable than others. image Due to lack of education and awareness the mass people of this vastly populated country are not well responsive to their surroundings, especially the natural environment. Preservation of natural resources and wildlife require people in different ecosystems to have greater environmental awareness.

Though government has responsibility to safeguard natural resources and biological wellbeing of the country, but leaving it solely on government cannot be a feasible way of preserving natural environment. Every living inhabitant has a moral obligation and social responsibility to preserve the natural harmony and contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

Prokriti O Jibon Foundation, out of sheer moral obligation and social responsibility, has been trying hard to make a difference in the community by creating environmental awareness among the mass population of Bangladesh with some unique and diverse activities regarding nature and biodiversity from the very beginning.

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