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Bangladesh is rich with natural resources and biological diversity

Natural diversity in ecosystem provides vital economic benefits and services to human society- such as food, clothing, shelter, fuel and medicines as well as ecological, recreational, cultural and aesthetic values, and thus plays an important role in sustainable development. Almost all cultures have in some way or form recognized the importance that nature, and its biological diversity has had upon them and the need to maintain it.

Bangladesh is rich with natural resources and biological diversity. The country has thousands of natural flora, fauna and wildlife. However, in recent time, with the industrial development, biodiversity of the country has come under threat and has emerged as an important and widespread public issue. According to the third national report, which has been submitted by Bangladesh on 16 May 2005 to the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity), some of the threats include: Loss of habitat (caused by deforestation, urbanization, draining, forest fire, destruction of fish breeding areas, Jhum cultivation etc.), Over harvesting of resources (caused by unregulated logging, wildlife hunting and trafficking, destructive fishing gear and/or trap etc.), Natural calamities (caused by cyclones, droughts, floods, earthquakes etc.), Pollution (caused by dumping of raw industrial wastes, oil spillage from ships, arbitrary use of fertilizers and pesticides etc.), and Human population growth (resulted in increasing demand for space and resources, change in agricultural practices and local culture, poverty etc.)

The degradation of biodiversity in Bangladesh is alarming and, if not taken care of, it would soon make the country uninhabitable. Accordingly, to safeguard the environment and biodiversity, Prokriti O Jibon Foundation (Nature and Life Foundation) is working to create awareness among the mass population about the biodiversity and nature of the country by the organization’s different activities.

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