Mission & Vision

Our mission is to grow more awareness on biodiversity and nature among the people of Bangladesh

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow more awareness on climate change, biodiversity and nature conservation among the peoples of Bangladesh in order to fulfill the big picture of making the country a greener and better place to live, by

Community Awareness and Education
⇒  Telecasting Prokriti O Jibon Television series
⇒  Building up awareness on wildlife, biodiversity and nature for grassroots through Traditional and Folk Cultural activities
⇒  Publishing Books and DVDs on Biodiversity and Nature
⇒  Organizing Photo exhibition and Art competition
⇒  Organizing eco-friendly Nature Tour
⇒  Organizing Nature Fair

⇒  Continuing research on wildlife, endangered species, biodiversity, nature and climate change impact issues for a sustainable development and management of natural resources

Capacity Building
⇒  Building skills in Natural History Documentary
⇒  Building up nature education through School Programming
⇒  Forming People’s Opinion Forum and Prokriti O Jibon Nature Club

Climate Change
⇒  Enhancing awareness among urban poor households to address impact of climate change to improve their lives in Bangladesh.
⇒  Initiate programs empowering women at grass-root level in Bangladesh to take leaderships to address impacts of climate change while complementing economic return.
⇒  Reinforce awareness among investors to lead climate friendly investments.

⇒  Giving Nature Conservation Award
⇒  Offering Student Project on Nature Conservation

Our Vision

Our vision is to make ‘A Better Life in Balanced Nature’, which is to preserve order in ecosystem by making people of Bangladesh aware of the magnitude of climate change, biodiversity and a balanced nature, in order to sustainably develop the quality of life for every living inhabitant of the country. This has driven everything we have done since we formed Prokriti O Jibon Foundation back in December, 2009.

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