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Every living inhabitant has a moral obligation and social responsibility to preserve the natural harmony

Prokriti O Jibon Foundation is conducting research on various aspects of biodiversity components of the country ranging from ecosystem to species level. The research areas also include the physical features of the country responsible for the sustainable management of the natural resources.

Awareness for the grassroots
Nature conservation is an enormous task and cannot be successful without the participation of the common people. Prokriti O Jibon Foundation is trying to reach common people through traditional cultural media in order to grow an awareness regarding the conservation issues within the grassroots.

Documentary on biodiversity and natural environment
The most significant venture of the Prokriti O Jibon Foundation is producing documentaries on biodiversity and natural environment of Bangladesh. These documentaries are being telecast through satellite channel “Channel i” as television series, named - Prokriti O Jibon. Each episode, for the duration of around 25 minute, is being telecast on every Thursday night at 11.30 pm and repeats on every Friday at 12.05 pm & Sunday at 05.30 am (+6 GMT).

The chief attraction of this exclusive program is field expedition reports and videos by the environment scientists and zoologists. The segment ‘Expert Interview’ (the studio discussion with the specialists on the subject matter) and the 'Did you know' as well as 'Quiz' segment, in each episode, are the compact source of knowledge for the viewers.

The core aspiration of this program is to create awareness of the importance of biodiversity and nature among the mass people. The program specially endeavors to conserve the threatened flora and fauna of Bangladesh by highlighting the biodiversity and natural resources of the country, and their importance in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. This program is also featuring the adaptation and mitigation processes of climate change impacts of the country.

All the publications of Prokriti O Jibon Foundation represent the core purpose of the foundation. The unique and first ever, of its kind, TV series (featuring biodiversity of Bangladesh) named ‘Prokriti O Jibon’ is now being available on DVDs. Prokriti O Jibon DVDs are being considered as one of the great tools for conserving nature and life of the country and have become one of the remarkable and highly appreciated publications to the nature lover, nature scientists and among the general people of Bangladesh.

The Foundation has been publishing books on various aspects of natural richness, wildlife and biodiversity of the country every year. These books are being released on ‘Amor Ekushe’ Book Fair in Bangladesh and are considered to be an invaluable reference for nature lovers and readers.

To highlight various environmental and natural issues, POJF publishes various Books, DVDs, Calendars, Leaflets, Scholarly articles in various renowned daily newspaper & magazines, a fully colored feature page in “The Daily Jugantor” and “Prokritibarta” a magazine containing literatures by renowned environmentalists and nature lovers.

Moreover, the calendars, leaflets, posters and billboards that are being printed every year contain pictorial depiction of flora and fauna of Bangladesh and are actively serving the purpose of spreading knowledge concerning biodiversity and ecosystem. All kinds of publications (e.g. books, DVDs etc.) are being published in order to be distributed between schools, colleges and universities and those organizations that are working on Biodiversity, Nature and Climate.

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